How to properly match skirting boards to the interior?
September 15, 2023 - No category

Skirting boards are not only a practical solution for finishing the floor, but also an important decorative element that affects the perception of the space and the aesthetics of the interior. When choosing the right strips, it is worth taking into account their type, material, color and installation method. Well-fitting skirting boards will make the interior look coherent and harmonious.

pielęgnacja parkietu
How to care for parquet? Cleaning and care
June 6, 2023 - No category

Parquet floors are beautiful and durable, but require regular care. Unfortunately, inappropriate activities can have the opposite effect from the intended one, i.e. destroy the wood. Below you will read how to properly care for your parquet and what accessories you will need.

podłoga ułożona w jodełkę
Why choose a herringbone floor?
May 9, 2023 - No category

A herringbone floor is a parquet with a characteristic arrangement. Such a floor gained popularity thousands of years ago. Today, it is experiencing its real renaissance. However, many people wonder if it is worth choosing such an element of decor at all. Here are some reasons why!

How to properly care for a wooden parquet?
18 November 2020 - Parquet

Parquet, made of high-quality materials and properly cleaned over the years, is undoubtedly a good investment. Professional care and maintenance of wooden floors, contrary to appearances, is nothing difficult and is the key to success. Thanks to them, the parquet will be pleasing to the eyes for years and will not be damaged quickly. Parquet and its types Parquet is nothing more than solid wooden slats, which are commonly [...]

Podłoga drewniana
Wooden floor - where to look in Podkarpacie?
16 July 2020 - Floor

Podkarpackie is located in south-eastern Poland. It is adjacent to the following voivodships: Małopolskie, Świętokrzyskie and Lubelskie. It is also a voivodeship that meets Slovakia and Ukraine on the outskirts of Poland. The capital of Podkarpacie is the city of Rzeszów - one of the fastest growing cities in Poland. Podkarpackie is also one of the most valuable natural areas in Europe. There are large [...]

Vintage floors. The great return of traditional forms
13 May 2020 - Floor

Vintage is not about simply going back to tradition. It combines traditional with modern and avant-garde elements, and the traditional forms should not be balanced and classic in it, but bold, expressive and even a bit exaggerated. However, the nobility and durability of materials, characteristic of the interior design of bygone eras, are also necessary. For interior flooring in the [...]

Polerowanie podłogi drewnianej
How to protect a wooden floor? We answer!
29 April 2020 - Care

A wooden floor should be reliably protected by using an appropriate preparation. Thanks to this, it will not destroy or change color. A wooden floor requires an appropriate finish, because thanks to this process we reduce the natural penetration of the wood, make it resistant to unfavorable sunlight and prevent any contamination from penetrating deeply into its structure. A protected wooden floor is easier to [...]