How to care for parquet? Cleaning and care

Parquet floors are beautiful and durable, but require regular care. Unfortunately, inappropriate activities can have the opposite effect from the intended one, i.e. destroy the wood. Below you will read how to properly care for your parquet and what accessories you will need.

How and how often should parquet be cleaned?

Regular cleaning is the key to keeping your parquet looking great. You should take it regularly sweep or vacuum with a soft bristle brush. This will help remove dirt, dust and other debris that can scratch or damage the wood finish.

Should be once a week clean the floor with a damp mop or cloth, using a mild detergent or wood cleaner designed specifically for parquet. Avoid using too much water when mopping. Excess water can damage the wood by warping or discoloring it.

Parquet care methods

In addition to regular cleaning, there are other methods of caring for your parquet floor that can help keep it looking its best. Waxing the floor every six months will help protect it from scratches and wear. It is important to use a wax specifically designed for parquet. Products not intended for wood may damage the finish of the floor. Applying a layer of polyurethane every two years it will also help protect the floor from wear and tear. taking care of parquet floors in Rzeszów, we always advise our customers how to care for the floor.

Knowing how and how often to clean parquet, as well as what parquet care methods are necessary, will keep your parquet looking great for many years. By regularly sweeping, mopping, waxing and applying polyurethane, you can keep your parquet looking beautiful for a long time.

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