How to properly match skirting boards to the interior?

Skirting boards are not only a practical solution for finishing the floor, but also an important decorative element that affects the perception of the space and the aesthetics of the interior. When choosing the right strips, it is worth taking into account their type, material, color and installation method. Well-fitting skirting boards will make the interior look coherent and harmonious.

Types of skirting boards and their use

They are available on the market various types of skirting boards, which differ mainly in their profile and installation method. For example, flat strips are perfect for minimalist interiors, where simplicity of forms and sparse decoration are important. In traditional arrangements, it is worth choosing strips finished with decorative millings or decorative cornices. It is also worth considering using strips with built-in cable channels, which will allow for discreet arrangement of TV or computer cables.

Materials used to produce skirting boards

Skirting boards can be made of various materials, such as wood, MDF or PVC. Wooden strips is a classic solution that is durable and elegant in appearance. They are perfect for interiors decorated in a classic, rustic or Scandinavian style. Such strips will be the perfect complement to ours oak floors from Rzeszów. MDF strips they are lighter and cheaper than wooden ones, but equally aesthetic. Thanks to their properties, they are perfect for the living room, bathroom or kitchen. On the other hand PVC strips is an economical solution that is highly resistant to moisture and mechanical damage. This type of strips can be used in all rooms.

Selection of the color of skirting boards

The color of the skirting boards should harmonize harmoniously with the colors of the walls and floor. If we want to achieve the consistency effect, it is worth choosing strips in the same shade as the floor. For light floors, white or beige strips will work well, while for dark boards, it is worth choosing black or brown elements.

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