How to properly care for a wooden parquet?

Parquet, made of high-quality materials and properly cleaned over the years, is undoubtedly a good investment. Professional care and maintenance wooden floorscontrary to appearances, it is nothing difficult and is the key to success. Thanks to them, the parquet will be pleasing to the eyes for years and will not be damaged quickly.

Parquet and its types

Parquet is nothing more than solid wooden slats, which are commonly called staves. They are connected with a profiled tongue-groove frieze. The main advantage of the parquet is that it can be constantly renovated. In addition, it is a quiet floor that provides acoustic comfort. In the past, the parquet was a luxury item that could be found in a handful of properties. Over the years, it has lost its importance and is now experiencing its renaissance. The following types of parquet are distinguished:

  • native wood parquet - staves are usually 25-50 cm long and 5-7 cm wide,
  • exotic wood parquet - staves can be up to 120 cm long and 9 cm wide,
  • parquet in the form of veneered boards - their top layer is abrasion-resistant wood,
  • classic parquet - z solid wood 22 mm thick, connected with tongue and groove,
  • lamella parquet (ideal solution for underfloor heating) - planks with solid wood 10 mm thick, without tongue and groove,
  • industrial parquet with a vertical arrangement of lamellas - staves with solid wood 22 mm thick,
  • parquet-mosaic - it consists of small elements z solid wood 8 mm thick, which are glued to paper or mesh.

Wooden surface

For the production of parquet, mainly hard types of wood are used, such as: oak, maple, beech, ash and species of exotic trees. The selected wood influences the structure, character and color of the floor. The class of the wood used is also important for the appearance of the parquet. It is a noble material that offers endless possibilities of interior design. Thanks to its various colors and patterns, the grain is an extremely functional material. It is worth remembering that wood is constantly working in response to environmental conditions, air humidity or temperature differences. In order to maintain its properties, it must have appropriate conditions of use.

Cleaning varnished wooden parquet

The cleaning of varnished parquet should be performed regularly, as only then it brings visible results. A particular threat to hardwood floor there is sand, salt and small stones that are usually brought on the shoes. Their harmfulness lies in the fact that over time they can penetrate the structure of the parquet and damage it. The result of this action are scratches and dents on the surface hardwood floor. A vacuum cleaner can easily deal with these problems if it has a properly selected tip. Vacuuming also prevents water and moisture from entering the parquet, which are especially dangerous for beech and maple wood. They can contribute to the appearance of bulges and unsightly deformations. Washing wooden floor should take place as little as possible, and if it is necessary - strongly wring the mop (it's best to choose flat models that better remove excess water from the surface) or a rag. If the flooring dries quickly, the cleaning operation has been carried out correctly.

Maintenance of oiled floors

Hair oiling hardwood floor gives it elegance and unique character. Proper care of such a parquet requires more dedication and time, unlike varnished floors. In this case, it will be necessary to obtain appropriate specialist preparations for protection oiled floors. As in the care of varnished parquet, regularity and consistency are extremely important. Oiled floor you should sweep or vacuum, and use only dedicated agents for cleaning.

Parquet maintenance

Parquet maintenance is a response to the changes that appear over time on wooden floors. Over the years, the wooden parquet becomes dull, scratches and small damages appear. Each one wooden floor should be impregnated varnish be oil, which will protect it for some time against mechanical damage and abrasion. Varnishing the parquet will allow you to get rid of minor damage on its surface, and additionally will provide it with greater resistance to abrasion. Before self-varnishing, the parquet must be thoroughly cleaned and degreased, as dirt reduces adhesion varnish. Lacquer refreshing, it adds shine to the floor and fills any cavities. On the other hand, parquet oiling should be carried out every year because it increases its scratch resistance. It also prevents crevices into which dust or moisture can get into.

Parquet renovation

The method of restoring the parquet will depend on whether or not floor panes have been impregnated. Scraping is the best solution when air bubbles have appeared on the surface of the parquet. It must be preceded by grinding the surface with discoloration and extensive damage. Sanding is to eliminate protruding splinters with a sander. An angle grinder is used in hard-to-reach places. It is best to entrust sanding to specialists, because this treatment, if carried out incorrectly, may cause cavities in the surface of the parquet. Renovation of oiled parquet is based on protecting the surface with hard oil wax. It can be carried out at home on your own. In a situation where wooden floor has cavities in the staves or they are chipped, simply replace them.

Wooden floor is a perfect solution for people who dream of finishing their home with natural materials. Parquet floors are still popular because of their durability, attractiveness and the possibility of laying them in several different ways. With proper care and maintenance, the parquet can be used for up to 30 years. Then it can be sanded and its service life extended for a long time.

18 November 2020 - Parquet

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